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Introduction to the history of the courageous Merchant Vessel  Melbourne Star of the Blue Star Line 1936-1943.

Lauch Day
Photographs of the launching of the Melbourne Star of the Blue Star Line on  Tuesday 7th July 1936

Operation Pedestal
Melbourne Star's epic Malta Convoys - Operation Substance in 1941 and Operation Pedestal in 1942

Operation Pedestal Ships
The ships of  Malta Convoy 'Operation Pedestal'. 4 Royal Navy and 9 Merchant vessels lost to enemy action.

The sinking of the Melbourne Star in the Atlantic April 1943

The Rescue
Four survivors rescued in the Atlantic after 38 days adrift by an American Catalina Aircraft after the sinking of the Melbourne Star.

Four survivors of the sinking of the Melbourne Star awarded the British Empire Medal

Tower Hill Memorial London. Listing all those lost whilst serving on the Melbourne Star during World WarII including Passengers, Gunners & Royal Austrlian Naval Officers

Picture Gallery
Melbourne Star photographs many of which were taken during World War II

Passenger List
Details of Melbourne Star passenger lists available from the National Archive Kew England

Dunedin Star
The epic story of the sinking of  Blue Star Line's Dunedin Star

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